The Badia Fiorentina Church in Florence

Founded as a men's monastery of the Benedictines in 978 by Willa, mother of Hugh of Tuscany (Patron Saint of the Abbey and buried there) that I had with farms and houses, was the oldest of Florence. The Church of the Abbey was restored by Arnolfo di Cambio in 1285 that designed the apsidal area in via del Proconsolo and entrance on the opposite side. the Bell Tower of Badia, according to Giovanni Villani's account, was shot in the upper part in the year 1307, because the monks were riufiutti to pay a fee to the City Government, and was restored to its original height only in 1330. In this environment Boccaccio held the first public reading of the Divina Commedia, in 1373. The Lecturae Dantis will still have a place. Note the Chiostro degli Aranci, built in the 15th century and so called because once the monks used to grow oranges (inside you can enjoy a lovely fresco cycle).

Address: Via del Proconsolo 50125, Florence
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The itinerary can be made every morning from Tuesday to Saturday
Tour duration: 3 hours

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The Badia Fiorentina Church in Florence