The San Lorenzo Church in Florence

The Church of San Lorenzo in Florence was built for 2 times: one in 1059 (Romanesque style) and the second (also thanks to the contribution of the Medici family who wanted to make a personal Temple) as designed by Brunelleschi. San Lorenzo is the Church of the Medici family, who buried his most illustrious members within the Medici chapels. The exterior is still unfinished, and you can judge the building mainly by the side whose volumes moved on three spatial planes while the lower surface portions in regular forms. The nave is delimited by side compared to those series of monolithic columns with Corinthian and alto pulvino supporting arches. Particularly fascinating and enthralling is also the game of light and shadows that you can admire inside the Church, created thanks to a careful placement of geometric shapes.

Address: Piazza di San Lorenzo, 9, 50123 Florence
Business hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00-17.30 hours-From 01.03 to 31/10 Sunday 13.30-17.30
Tel: 055 216634
Ticket: € 3,50
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Maximum 30 pax

The itinerary can be made every morning from Tuesday to Saturday
Tour duration: 3 hours

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The San Lorenzo Church in Florence