The Santa Margherita dei Cerchi Church in Florence

The small church of Santa Margherita of the circles is located close to the casa di Dante Alighieri, who today is dedicated to the public as a museum dedicated to the famous poet. Inside, the altar is the altar-piece with the "Madonna enthroned with Saints Lucy, Margaret, Agnes and Catherine of Alexandria" by Lorenzo di Bicci (late 14TH-early 15th century). Built at the beginning of the first Millennium, the Church is very ancient and is witness to the most important romance of Italian poetry, Dante's love for Beatrice. A picture of a nineteenth-century English painter in pre-Raphaelite style recalls this encounter, placed just to the right after the entry. Are the business cards left on the grave of Beatrice, to make this place a symbol for all lovers.

Address: Via Santa Margherita, Florence
Business hours: 8.00 - 12:30; 17.00 - 19.00
Ticket: free
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Maximum 30 pax

The itinerary can be made every morning from Tuesday to Saturday
Tour duration: 3 hours

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The Santa Margherita dei Cerchi Church in Florence